BECAUSE there are too many oppressions dividing women and women's struggles world-wide and we must connect our struggles, demands, realities and strategies across the local, regional and global spheres!

BECAUSE there are not enough resources available to us as women to learn our HERstories of oppression and resistance, and we must document our own lives in order to resist together!

BECAUSE we must make visible alternative ways of life and resistances against capitalism and patriarchal reality created by women, saying high and loud that Another World is possible.

BECAUSE poverty, xenophobia, racism, increased loss and dispossession of our rights, austerity, and the rise of fascism make women's lives unlivable, and we must connect these intersecting oppressions in order to link and strengthen our resistances and liberation struggles .

BECAUSE our diversity is our strength. We must continue to work in solidarity, communicating our feminist alternatives to the world and to the sisters of our movement, building our networks and strengthening our alliances and our feminist political practices.

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Launch of the 4th International Action


Published: Friday, 06 March

Venue of the opening. Nusaybin

Feminists from all over Europe and the world have gathered today, 6 March 2015, in Nusaybin (Turkey) - the Turkish Kurdistan, for the launch of the IV International Action of the World March of Women. After two public forums around the topics of the Rojava revolution, ecology and exploitation of natural resources, Gyneology and violence against women, a delegation went to visit a refugee camp in Suruç.

In the following days, the feminist caravan will go to Mardin, Diyarbakir, Antakya, Antalya, Mugla and Izmir.

The launch of the European Feminist Caravan in Turkey is being organised by local coordinating bodies and participating groups of the WMW in a way that highlights different realities women live in each region. It will proceed uniting one resistance to another, adding one struggle to another, challenging borders that divide our bodies, struggles and land, from rural to urban, from beaches to mountains, from war-torn territories to ancient sites.

View larger map of the caravan in Turkey

For solidarity with women and girls in Kurdish refugee camps, you can send your support to the following bank account:

IBAN: TR 87 0001 0000 9131 5819 4050 11

18 February, journey of solidarity with Western Saharan women


Published: Wednesday

Call to action!

The World March of Women calls all members and allied social movements to mobilize on the date of 18th February in solidarity with the women from Western Sahara, who together with all the Saharawi people are struggling for decolonization of their territory, annexed since 1975 by Morocco, when the Spanish State departed from Sahara as its colony. Since then, the Moroccan government hunts down militants and organizations defending the rights of the Sahrawi people. This persecution has already resulted in more than 500 missing and 70 people in jail. It also built a wall of around 3000 kilometers - the longest in the world - reinforced by anti-personnel mines that for the last 40 years are dividing families and the territory of Sahara and controlling the access to the natural resources in the region.

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The World March of Women has been active in the women's struggle since 1998, marching to eradicate the root causes of violence and poverty in women's lives.

The strategies we use are based on discussions and international alliances, reaffirming ourselves through resistance, confrontation and the construction of alternatives to the patriarchal, capitalist, racist, lesbophobic and colonial model.

The Caravan will use our realities as women across all age, race and class difference to connect and link women resisting against misogyny, austerity, fascism, patriarchy and all forms of violence against women, including poverty, in Europe.

We intend to build women's alternatives in the face of an increased imposition of militarist and masculinist reality, so that we may all live more dignified and peaceful lives. We affirm “Another World is Possible!”.

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